Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Want some whine with that cheese..

When they say paybacks occur with your kids, they are right. I remember my mom getting so annoyed with my whining. I didn't think I did but of course I probably did my fair share of whining. When my children (well just Owen right now) whine it is like nails on a chaulk board. It makes me crazy. Owen is at that age where he does whine a lot and on Sunday he was being extremely bad and I had enough of it. I turned to him and had the following conversation:

Me: Owen you need to please stop whining!
Owen: I know, but I am 4 and I can whine!

Needless to say he got me with that one. Andy and I were laughing so hard from that and what do you say to that. It was a good chuckle that is for sure.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Owen!

Owen turned 4 on Sunday. His birthday celebration got kicked off by taking in cupcakes to his class at school. He had been talking about taking them all week long, he was pretty excited. He was very specific about the cupcakes - they had to have sprinkles. I had iced them on Wednesday night and he saw them the next morning and he whined "I wanted sprinkles on them". I told him that i had forgotten to buy them but was going to get them that day and that we would put them on that night. That made him happy and once they got fully decorated he was satisfied.

Saturday was pretty low key. We went and got milestone pictures for Owen and Eli. Needless to say Eli was not having anything to do with getting his picture taken. I think he was a little overwhelmed by all the lights and action going on. We did get him finally in some pics by letting him sit in a chair and having a ball of some sort in his hands. Owen at the same age was not very cooperative. There was one picture of Eli with a smile on his face but big ole crocodile tears in his eyes. We also went to the pool where Owen jumped off the diving board all by himself and swam to the side..well with the help w/ a Jacket. He was so excited and proud. Eli wanted to do the same thing but we didn't have the equipment for him. I guess I better go buy him one too!

Sunday was Owen's actual birthday and surprisingly he woke up at a semi-normal time 6:45am (well that is normal to us). For his birthday we took him to Chuck-e-Cheese for about an hour and half. We won 630 tickets, thanks to Andy and Rochelle who came in and got us a ton of tickets in the end. Owen favorite "games" was the Monster Truck ride and the roller coaster simulation. We had the place to ourselves for the first hour and then the chaos ensued. We left with a ball that was deflated by the time we got home from lunch and a bunch of toostie rolls. After Chuck-e-Cheese we went to Ledo's for pizza, much better quality pizza.

The Monster Truck

The Roller Coaster Simulation

Then we headed home to open gifts and have cake.
Owen had a blast opening up his gifts. He was loving them all. He got a bat, a new electric train, Cars Lego - to which he responded "I have wanted this my whole life", a Cars race track, a Toy Story trash truck, a Potato Head, some books and a Leap Frog hand held. He was quite enthralled with all the toys and loved them all. The baseball bat and race track got the most play. The race track got turned off when we were outside, at dinner and when he went to bed.
The Race Track

I made Owen a firetruck cake. He fell in love with this video on how to make the cake and so I decided to make it. It wasn't that hard just a little on the time consuming part. He was watching me ice it and he said "Any child that you make this for will think you are a hero" which is the quote at the end of the video. I about fell over laughing, it was so cute. He loved his cake and thought it was the best. I had to go with a yellow fire truck (which are the color of the ones here in Ashburn) since I was having issues getting my icing to be red.. it was a a very pretty pink.

Owen blowing out the candles on the Firetruck Cake

Owen had a great day, although he was pretty upset that we didn't get to go to the pool. Andy kept asking him but he was having so much fun doing other things that he didn't want to go. He finally realized at dinner that we hadn't gone and was quite upset. At this time it was very evident that he hadn't taken his nap (we didn't even try since it was his birthday). He eventually calmed down and decided that he should wear his birthday hat for dinner. Owen was asleep by 7:54pm, the boy usually is up "reading" his books until 8:30.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eli's First Haircut

Eli has needed a haircut for a while so I finally took him in to get it cut. Unlike Owen who played with his toy and didn't mind the hair cut, Eli was not happy about getting it cut at all. Right as we were putting on the apron he starting saying "Ah doh" which translated from Eli language is All done. Finally I had to put him on my lap to finish the hair cut. I gave the guy a good tip since he had to deal with our very upset boy.

What are you doing to me?

I am not happy at all, Ah Doh!

Don't I look handsome - (Still Mad)

Monday, August 2, 2010

I want to be just like my Brother...

Eli and Owen are really starting to play together. It is so nice in the mornings when they wake up at the crack of dawn they can play together in their room for about 45 minutes with out the need of adult intervention. They typically play well together but there are times when Eli has a toy that Owen wants. At that point Owen will steal the toy from him and then Eli throws a fit, however Owen has figured out that he can usually stop the crying or even prevent it by exchanging toys. Eli typically isn't that tied to a toy.

A few days ago it was baseball week at school for Owen and they wore baseball hats to school that week. Also Owen is loves his puppy dog "stuffy" as he calls it. So as we were leaving their room Eli had to put on a hat and have a stuffy as well. As you can tell Eli looks up to Owen big time. It is so cute, I am relishing these days before they hate each other and are constantly fighting.

Hopefully we will be able to get another picture in a year or so with Baby Cather No. 3 looking up to Eli. Yes you read that correctly, we are expecting a third due January 11, 2011. We will be stubborn and not find out the gender. We will officially be come a brood. We will need 5 toppers instead of the readily available 4 toppers. All the grandparents and Aunt Gigi are very excited. Our biggest challenge will be all of them sharing a room since our place is a two bedroom town home.