Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Owen started Kindergarten on August 27th.  He was so excited to go and start on his educational journey.  We all walked him up to school together and walked him to his classroom with Mrs. Dailey and Ms. Byars.  I got a little choked up when dropping him off but it was a combo of excitement and sadness that he is growing up so fast.  We are excited for the school year and the excitement that it will bring.

Excited Owen

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation - Week 2

Week 2 wasn't quite as pretty as week 1 but it was just as much fun.  Our friends the Van Berkels joined us for the weekend.  I think their day 1 was the best day for them.  It was kinda rainy week but we made the most of it.

Vacation - Week 1

Ahhh vacation!  Both Andy and I were so ready for a vacation.  We had both been working a lot on proposals and other work activities - so we were both in need of a break.  We were doing two weeks in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, which is fabulous.  We go down to Avon, which is on Hatteras Island.  If you are looking for a quiet place to vacation, this is the place - if Spring Break party is what you want - you may prefer another location.