Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I love my brodder... sometimes

Owen loves his brother so much, sometimes a little too much. He wants to be with him all the time. He is always asking where is Eli? What is Eli doing? He loves the fact that he gets to share a room with him. He gets upset when we have to take Eli out of the room when he is still awake at night. When Eli wakes up in the morning and Owen is already awake, Owen will crawl into the crib with him. Needless to say this doesn't make Andy or me very happy and we have to be on the ball on getting Eli out of the crib.

Owen has already figured out how to torment his brother. I am not sure if he knows that he is being mean but he is not being very nice. Recently he has started pushing Eli over. We sit Eli down so that he is sitting up and is usually playing very nicely with a toy and here comes Owen who pushes his brother over and not very gently. Eli then of course starts crying and then Owen does because I have proceeded to put him in time out for not being nice.

This is just the beginning of the tackling, hitting and other typical sibling behavior. I can't wait to see what Eli will do in retaliation when he can.

Friday, July 24, 2009


It seems every day and action needs to be negotiated with a 3 year old. He definitly has a mind of his own and wants to do his thing his way. Last night we wanted him to pick up his train tracks and he instead was wanting to jump on our bed... so Andy said if you pick up all your tracks and trains then you can get a "froot nack". He picked up every single piece. Every morning I am bribing him out the door with either OJ or froot nacks. This morning he wanted OJ, so I said if you pick up all your legos then you can have it. It seems everything needs a reward or a carrot. Will we still be doing this when he is 21..please study and we will give you beer money!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My best friend

Andy always tells Owen that he is his best friend. So Owen is starting to recognize what that may mean. The other day Owen and Andy were playing with trains and Owen just stops playing and announces "Eli is my best friend". Later that evening we were eating dinner and we asked him again and he said it is Eli, then his 2nd best friend was Momma and 3rd best friend was Dada. Needless to say I think Andy was disappointed that I beat him out. As any child of that age his best friend changes from day heck from hour to hour. His best friend at school is Eddie, at home it is definitely Eli - especially when he is not happy with Momma or Dada.

Stealing...not nice

So my almost 3 year old has been getting himself into trouble. We haven't figured out if he is seeking attention, pushing our limits or just being 3. It is probably all of the above. Yesterday we had our first encounter of stealing..granted I don't think he realized that what he was doing was wrong. It all started when I picked him up from school (daycare) and his teacher told me he was not acting very nice. He had been pushing and taking train tracks away from his friends. So I told him no cookie (it was cookie day at school), which he seemed fine with until we were walking past them. As we went past them he had a fit, then the director of the center made a deal with him. If he was good the next day then he would be able to have a cookie that she was saving for him. That seem to calm him down.

We then headed to California Tortilla for dinner. I had debated whether or not to go since it was a treat and he may seem like he was getting a reward, but i figured he was punished enough without a cookie - plus it woudl be more punishment for me..I would have to cook! We walk in and at the counter they had cookies and brownies sitting in baskets so people would add them to their meals. Well I order his dinner and get his free brownie that comes with the kids meal. Owen then goes and sits in the booth and I was thinking what a good boy, boy was I wrong. I go over and he is there eating a stolen cookie! I couldn't get too upset because it would cause a scene, but took the cookie away and then put in his bag. I did make him go apologize and we then paid for the cookie. I was pretty furious with him about that and with him not acting nice at school. I should have marched him out of the resturant but we had already ordered and food was coming. Next time we will just pack everythign up to go and eat at home..

Getting Started

I have decided to blog about my boys my two children and my one adult child :). I haven't been that great on keeping their baby books updated. Since I am always using my computer I figure maybe I can keep the little memories alive that way. I have never been good about keeping a diary so here we go, maybe since this isn't about me and about them I will do better!