Monday, November 21, 2011

Potty Training

I think my least favorite thing to do with children is potty training.  The whole process tries my patience, which is not hard to do in general.  Eli has been somewhat challenging and not super interested in the whole thing.  He was not getting the pee pee part for a while and it was super frustrating - he would hold it, hold it and then not tell his teachers.  We would get it at home because we only had to focus on him, his poor teachers focus on a class of 15 little ones.  Miss Sandra decided to see if he would like to stand up.. that was it - he was pee trained.  Now onto getting him to be No 2. trained - I have less patience for this. I HATE cleaning up poppy pants.  It puts me in a horrible mood.  Up until today Eli had not pooped on the potty EVER.  We have been bribing him with an Ice Cream cake and match box car.  Well when I went to pick up Eli today, I got the good news - see his tracking chart.

I was so proud of him.  He gets so upset when he poops in his pants, we all have been stalking him starting around 4:30 as that is when he tends to do his business.  Today the caught him and he finally went! We shall see how long it takes before we are consistent.. hopefully not to long.  

Our Soccer Bug!

Eli is doing indoor soccer for the fall.  He loves playing soccer and his current class is to transition from a parent child class to just by themselves.  Eli got a uniform and he feels like such a big boy.  He is have so much fun playing and follows directions so well.

In my new uni

Watch out

Bouncing the Balloon

Leaves for the "trees"
Our little kicker.

I want to play!
What do you mean I can't play with them?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 10 Months Aaron!

So with all the madness around our house, somehow we missed Aaron's 9 month picture.  Poor 3rd child.  Aaron changes so much daily.  He is now cruising around furniture, crawling up the stairs, and pushing anything around that he can.  I think he is going to be an early walker - sigh.  Aaron is also wanting to play and be around his brothers, however they don't want Aaron playing with them as he is the demolisher and wrecks all their set ups. In a few years, I can see it already we are in deep trouble!!! 

Aaron 10 Months

Brothers aka trouble

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Shockingly I am behind in my posts.  The Fall has gotten away from us, things have been crazy busy - with work being nutty, Andy going to VT football games (at least of one us has a football team to cheer for) and the boys activities. Therefore we were late getting to the pumpkin patch.  Mother nature decided to bring cold weather and snow a little early so we had a little bit of snow to deal with - which made for a muddy pumpkin patch so we just got the boys pumpkins and bypassed the play time in the patch. The boys didn't seem to mind as they had fun carving the pumpkins with Grandpa.

I want to pick one out!

Which one should I get?

 The boys had a good Halloween.  Owen was a fireman for the 3rd year in a row - his choice, Eli was a dragon "roar" -year two, and Aaron was a puppy dog. The costumes are getting their monies worth but the boys are happy with them.  We took the boys trick or treating in Grandpa and Grandma Cather's neighborhood.  They had a lot of fun and got way too much candy.

Our Fireman, Doggie and Dragon!

Proud to show off the pumpkins that they carved with Grandpa.

Off to Trick of Treat

Trick or Treat!

I want to join!