Monday, November 23, 2009

They repeat what you say

You always hear stories of kids how they repeat what you say and it is completely true. I first taught Owen the word "Sh*t"... It was funny, i thought i heard him saying it but wasn't sure because it was about a year ago and his annunciation wasn't the best. Then his teacher at day care pulled me aside and said umm he is saying a bad word. to which i responded "yeah, i taught him that.." So that was our first instance of repeating what we say an d we have had to reprogram him to say Rats instead... to which my Grandfather his namesake would say "Rats is fine, but sure doesn't feel as good!"

So Owen is becoming more independent and now will go downstairs in the morning on his own. Yesterday Andy was upstairs "sleeping" and Eli and I had gone to church, Owen wandered downstairs to get something to eat. All of a sudden Owen comes upstairs crying and Andy asks him what happened. Owen said "I fell off my stool", Andy said "What were you doing", Owen said "Screwing Around". Goes to show you, they truly repeat what you say..