Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zoom Zoom

Eli has figured out how to climb onto the "firetruck" and try to ride it around. He doesn't really get very far but he loves to get pushed around. Owen takes it upon himself to push him - sometimes Eli just wants to sit and other times he enjoys the pushing around. Here is one of the first times Eli getting on the truck.

Stay Put!!

Well have officially moved from keeping Eli contained to a very mobile toddler. He now loves to crawl the stars and will do it when you run upstairs very quickly or if you are just in the other room. I know he knows how to get down them but he prefers that you carry him. Watch him go..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Fun!

The boys have enjoyed playing in the snow. Owen more so than Eli. We got the boys a sled and Andy took Owen out sledding last Sunday. Since we got over 3 feet of snow, there was plenty left after 10 days even though temperatures were above freezing. Thank goodness because the sled didn't get here until everyone was back to school. See the video of Owen's adventures on the sled. This one is pretty funny but we have a funnier one where Owen crashes but it is over the 100MB size for upload. Enjoy!

Double Fisting

Eli is starting at an early age to double fist. He loves his milk now. It took a little bit of time to transition from breastmilk to milk, but now he loves it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Kids are so inquisitive it is amazing. Owen is always asking questions which is great -most of the time. This morning it was hilarious he was fixated on who makes what.
Owen: Momma - who made that car? Me: Ford
Owen: Who made that one? Me: Toyota
Owen: Who made the road? Me: Construction Crews
Owen: Who made those houses? Me: Toll Brothers
Owen: Who made those cars? Me: Umm I saw a Honda and not sure on the rest..

You get the picture. All the way to school he did this. Needless to say I cherished my quiet ride to work once the boys were dropped off.

Stop - Icky

Why do babies love to touch the most disgusting things in the house. Eli loves the trash can, it might be because it is shiny. The other day I had a trash bag outside the trash can and Eli reached in found the pancake that I had thrown out and started eating it... COME ON it was in the trash. Luckily it was on paper and not really on anything gross.

Eli also loves anything to do w/ the bathroom--- the plunger, the scrub brush, the toilet water - you get the picture. I am constantly closing the door and grabbing all the gross things from him. (It would help if Owen would close the door after using the bathroom). Eli really loves the plunger, he goes in there and grabs it and carries it around. All I can think about what was in the water when it was used last.... ICK! What really got me the other day is when Owen grabbed the plunger and put it on Eli's head! Andy just laughed and I yelled "It has feces on it!" - ewe! At least with the brush there were chemicals on it when cleaning the toilet and the gross things are killed - that is what i am telling myself.

I am sure they will encounter more disgusting things as they grow older but I hope I don't witness it.. ewe!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We have been slammed with a ton of snow over the past few days. Last weekend we got close to 30 inches of snow. We practiced the good Midwest technique of going out and shoveling the snow every few hours. We witness Thunder snow at 5:30 am as well as exploding transformers. It was very impressive, I can honestly say I can't remember this much snow at once. I do know we got a huge amount when we lived in Michigan but I was so little I don't really remember - just the stories.

Between Andy and myself we shoveled about 7 driveways and shoveled our own driveway 8 times. Owen loves going out in the snow and is enjoying every minute. Too bad he doesn't really appreciate the benefit as a kid. He has had fun sledding on the street and climbing the snow mounds. Eli is still too little to really appreciate the snow. He seems to like it but doesn't really know what to make of it.

The beginning of the snow fall about 4 hours in..

The next day but only half way through the storm..

The view out of our deck - again only half way through the storm..

I want to go out there and play..

Time go in, lost a glove and hands are cold.

On top of the snow pile at the end of the street - this still only part way through the storm.

Climbing up a pile of snow

Front of the house after the storm, note all the snow on the front of the windows...

The next day at Bob and Gloria's house.

The sidewalk at church, the snow is taller than Eli!

Monday, February 1, 2010

No More Tears

Since we have moved to the new "school" both boys have been slightly hesitant at times about going into their respective classrooms. Owen's hesitancy has lessened the last few weeks and he willingly goes into his classroom and is pushing me out the door to leave. Eli on the other hand has been bawling every day when I drop him off. Previously he has been fussy as soon as I put him on the ground, but was reassured from his teachers that it was just a show because they told me he would stop crying by the time I hit the parking lot. Eli down this morning and he walked around while I put his things away and I waved to him as I left and he waved back. It was so sweet.

I was shocked that today was smooth sailing, since usually after a weekend they are more clingy and want to hang out with Momma and Dada - they definitely haven't figured out that we are not that cool. I guess they were happy to see their friends today, we shall see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully as J&J states "No More Tears", well maybe a few from Momma since they are growing up a little bit and needing us less.