Thursday, June 30, 2011


The picture says it all

Dance, Dance, Dance

There is a local band called Rocknoceros that the boys really enjoy.  We are able to take advantage of the free concerts that they are playing in the Fairfax County parks this summer.  For kids music they are actually pretty good (don't ask Gigi - she doesn't care for them).  We saw them play last weekend and the boys had lots of fun!

Waiting patiently

Dancing away

Shake Shake Shake

Dancing up with the band

Doing the Chicken

Aaron's Baptism

Aaron was baptized on June 19th.  We were a little overdue getting Aaron baptized so we were worried that the baptismal gown wasn't going to fit (it is the same gown all my cousins wore and now the next generation).  The gown fit fine but Aaron's noggin was too big for the bonnet.  It was a nice way to celebrate Father's Day and my birthday. Aaron was a trooper and didn't even cry.  Aaron's Godparents are Billy and Marcela Dzeda.  My parents, Aunt Gigi and Andy's parents were all there to celebrate. 

The only time I will have a child in a "dress"

The too small bonnet

Sleepy boy

Getting Baptized

Billy, Marcela, Aaron, Father Guest, and the proud parents

Godparents, Parents and all the boys

Happy 5 months Aaron!

Aaron turned 5 months old on June 10th.  He is close to sitting up on his own and is rolling over.  Time sure does fly.

Monday, June 20, 2011

US Open

We got my dad US Open tickets for Christmas and his birthday this year.  One thing that is pretty cool is that kids get in free with a paid adult ticket, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to expose Owen to golf by taking him to a practice round - and we didn't have to worry about him making noise and messing up a players shot.  Owen, Andy and my dad got up and were at Congressional by 7am on Wednesday morning - Owen was so excited!  He behaved so well the whole day and got all kinds of autographs from the quite a few players - he even got fellow Jayhawk Gary Woodland and winner Rory McIlory's.  All the players and event staff were so nice to Owen.  Since he was so good, we decided he could go on Friday.  He was again a trooper being there from 7am to about 8pm.  He did get lots of special treats -cookies, brownies, and even a drink of soda.  It was a great time had by all! Now he is obsessed with golf and just wants to go out and hit balls. He is really starting to get the hang of it and getting more of a golf swing vs. Happy Gilmore. 

On the bus heading to the Open

On the way into Congressional

Papa and Owen

The boys

Owen was a little chilly in the morning

Following some golfers

Watching some golfers during the practice round

Owen in the empty grandstand

A flag from Congressional

Monday, June 13, 2011

Omaha Botanical Gardens

While in Omaha for the family wedding we visited the botanical gardens.  They have this wonderful outdoor train display that entertained the boys for about 45 min.  They just ran around watching all the trains.  We also saw the large Union Pacific locomotives that were on display on the top of the bluff. 

Tom's Wedding

My cousin Tom got married on June 4th in Omaha, Nebraska.  It was a lovely wedding and a great time to visit with family.  The boys had a lot of fun and Owen loved his older cousins!  

At breakfast with the cousins

Papa and Aaron


Uncle Dan enjoying Aaron

The Bride and Groom

Is it too loud in here?

Morgayn and Steve

Owen and Aunt Maureen

Andrea and Aaron

The boys dancing away with their Aunts and Cousin

Future PGA stars?

We took the boys to the range over Memorial Day weekend.  We don't have little Tiger Woods on hand (which amazes me how skilled he was at 18 months old) but all we hope for is interest in the sport.  Owen is showing definite interest and Eli just wanted to collect the golf balls. Owen's swing isn't terrible, but I think his clubs are a little long.  We gave Papa the mission to get a few clubs cut down to size for him so maybe it will be easier.  
I want to play!

Eli collecting balls

Not to shabby of a follow through!

We liked putting!