Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They're Here

After being at my parent for two weeks the boys finally returned home. We met my parents half way again in Ohio. It was nice quiet drive up to Ohio, Andy commented the night before that chaos was only around the corner. Our clean house will not go back to "kid clean", which means lots of crumminess on the floor, toys "semi" picked up and sour milk sippy cups that somehow got forgotten about.

When we went to got to the meet the boys they were super excited to see us.. well Andy that is. When we were walking towards them Owen saw us and ran right past me and gave Andy a big hug - i thought oh well at least eli will be excited to see me. Boy was wrong on that one, he was "driving" the car with Papa and he wouldn't be disturbed. My heart broke a little bit because I wasn't getting the love. I just reassured myself I have raised independent kids who aren't needy (at least that kinda made me feel better).

We had lunch and let the boys play on the playground for awhile. Then we headed back, after 10 min my head hurt with all the questions that Owen was asking and Eli point all the "sash shucks" (Trucks). I think Owen must need to get double the words in on a daily basis because he has a lot to stay. I kept thinking surely they will nap. WRONG!

We were able to entertain and get them quiet for the length of a Cars movie. They were overall very well behaved and i can't complain.

Now we have been back into the swing of things for a couple of weeks and life is back to normal -whatever that is.