Monday, August 8, 2011

Arrgh! Happy Birthday Owen!

We typically only do smaller family birthdays, so we decided to have a larger birthday party where he could invite friends from school.  We decided that we would do a pirate theme after I saw the Outlaw Mom blog in which she did a Pirate theme party -  the pirate ship was the true inspiration.  So after a brief discussion with Owen and confirmed he thought that the pirate theme was a good idea.  I ordered the boat plans from Mr. McGroovy’s site as well as the rivet kit.  I got all the decorations from purchasing digital images on Etsy from Siomonemadeit.  They turned out great and it was so easy to do!

Happy Birthday Owen

Saturday got here and dark clouds were rolling in so we were a little nervous that our outdoor party was going to have to be moved inside.  13 kids and some parents would have been tight in our little townhouse but the weather held out and the stayed rain away and even the sun came out.  

Bob, my lovely Father-in-law, built the pirate boat and it turned out lovely.  It was a hit with the kids and by the end of the party it was demolished.  As Bob put it - it is like a cake, you put all the work into creating it and then it is eaten (in this case played on) and enjoyed by everyone.

The Pirate Ship
We played lots of games with the kids.  Captain Andy was wonderful with the kids and kept them entertained.  They played Pirate Clues (our version of Blues Clues), How to be a Pirate (they all got foam swords, bandanna's eye patches and necklaces), Cannonball Toss (tossing water balloons at X's) , Walk the Plank Relays (where they got to throw water balloons at Captain Andy) and Pirate Says (Simon Says).  It was amazing how fast the games went and time can stand still. We were so worried that the kids were getting through the games so fast and we would be done with everything and still have an hour so kill!  Therefore we incorporated lots of drink breaks and color time as well. 

How to be a Pirate!
Cannonball Toss - the girls, who won in a tie breaker!

Cannonball Toss - The Boys

The Handy Dandy Notebook!

Documenting a clue in their handy dandy notebooks!

Pirate Owen documenting a clue!

Walk the Plank Relays!

Walk the Plank Relays!
Off to find the treasure the last clue was discovered!

Captain Andy's treasure is found!

In addition my Cousin Andy and his wife Rochelle came dressed up in Pirate Costumes they were so amazing!  Our neighbor has a bird that became the mascot for the day.
Pirate Andy and his Maiden Rochelle
Owen and Pirate Andy with his "parrot"

We just did burgers and hotdogs with lot of pirate sides!  

I made a Pirate ship cake, which I found on another blog, Baked Bree.  The kids loved it and it was very yummy.  I think it was a little too square for a ship but it turned out well none the less.  

Ship's Ahoy!

Happy Birthday!

All in all it was a fun day, the kids (especially the birthday boy) seemed to have fun and they got sent home on a sugar buzz - what more can you ask for!

All the pirates!

Attacking Captain Andy (this was after cake and ring pops - Sugar High!)


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy 6 Months Aaron!

Sorry all.  I have been slacking on my postings.  I did get Aaron's picture taken at the 6 month mark but just didn't get it off the card and uploaded to the blog.  Aaron is growing so much!  He is in the 95% in height and weight, he is quite the chunky monkey!  He is the biggest of the three.  On his 6 month birthday he was just starting to sit up as you can see and is rolling over.