Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Jersey Visit

Since we didn't make it up to New Jersey to visit Andy's family during the Christmas holiday we took a quick trip up at the end of July.  His Aunt lives about 20 minutes from the beach (and it isn't the true Jersey shore).  I saw that earlier in the week when I had to go up to NJ for business and we drove over to the Jersey shore - there are stereotypes for a reason.  Andy's cousin Susan her family met us at the beach.  The boys had a blast with their cousin Gracie - I don't know who wore our who more.  We had a lovely time visiting with his Aunt Barbara and other cousins who came over for dinner that evening.  

Sand gremlin

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Football Combine Day

Our Realtor had a family day at Redskins park, which isn't far from us in Ashburn.  Much to Andy's chagrin, it was decided that we should go.  Andy so wanted to wear NY Giants gear, but I shut that down. I felt that it was rude since were guests of friends.  It was a neat experience for the boys (and adults).  They set up the field with various combine activities, the 40 yard dash, shuttle run, push ups, long jump and standing jump.  Owen and Eli had a lot of fun with the activities.  Aaron ran around and got soaking wet because the turf was drenched due to all the rain that had occurred overnight.  

Loving Brothers

On your mark, get set...


I am done!

Shuttle run

Standing jump.

Tired boy


Eli doing the shuttle run