Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vacation - Week 1

Ahhh vacation!  Both Andy and I were so ready for a vacation.  We had both been working a lot on proposals and other work activities - so we were both in need of a break.  We were doing two weeks in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, which is fabulous.  We go down to Avon, which is on Hatteras Island.  If you are looking for a quiet place to vacation, this is the place - if Spring Break party is what you want - you may prefer another location.  

The first week was the family week.  Andy's parents and my parents came down.  My parents had been out staying with us for two weeks already so they were also looking for a little break.  The first week was gorgeous, when it did rain it was a night and not during the day.  

The boys were OBSESSED with the light house that was down the road.  You could see it from our deck so they loved waiting to watch it go on.  We did a night climb with Owen which was really cool. Poor Eli was just an inch too short and we couldn't get by with the tippy toes.  It was a good thing because he wouldn't make it up the light house.  He did get to come with me to get the night walk tickets and so he got to look at it.

Looking at the lighthouse

Of course Owen had to look too!

At the top
As I said we had a blast and it was a beautiful week. Here are some of my favorite beach pics.

Aaron's rump trail down the embankment

Punk Rocker Aaron

Baseball on the beach